Why I Will Always Have A Juicer In My kitchen

A few months back, one of my kids felt sick; he was weak and he couldn’t eat anything. At first, my wife and I thought it was one of those common flu infections that normally affect young children; however, the problem really got worse as days went by. We tried a couple of over the counter drugs, but they did not work. However, it was after a friend visited that we decided to see a doctor as soon as possible. We couldn’t even wait for him to leave, we asked him to drop us at a nearest clinic.

Great Start with Fresh Juice


When we arrived, just as usual, the doctor ordered that the kid be examined before he could recommend anything. The doctor received the test results and what followed left us happy. The doctor said it was nothing serious; he gave us a number of medications, but before we left, he ordered that we give our son plenty of fresh juice every single day. To us, that was going to be quite easy for the health of our son is all that mattered. On our way home, we decided to buy a juicer. Interestingly, despite the fact that we knew the benefits of having a juicer, we had never thought of buying one. There were quite a number of top juicer machines to pick from, but with the assistance of the salesperson, we finally managed to find the best.

It is now over 1 month since that fateful day and thanks to fresh juice of vegetables and fruits coupled with medication, our son is doing great. That has not even been the best part, as a family, we have also been able to reap all the benefits of the juicing. On a given day, my wife makes sure she makes enough juice for all of us. At the end, I cannot really start to tell about all the things we have been able to get from our juicer.