Making My Coffee with An Espresso Machine

Choosing a perfect Espresso machine for making your distinct flavor coffee is somewhat a complicated decision. There are varieties of espresso machines available in the market and each having their own uses and you have to choose according to your taste and choice. So, before considering buying your coffee maker, it is better to go through this espresso machine buying guide. Picking up an espresso machine is a bit confusing unlike a typical coffee machine. The prices range from very low to very high depending on the features available and the taste of the coffee it produces. You have to keep in your mind both the price tag and how much tasty you want, while buying your favorite machine. But if you search properly, you can get a good espresso machine within your budget.

espresso machine

So to sum up, the few things to consider before buying any espresso machine are:

  • Ease of operation required and ease of cleaning•
  • Features required and the quality of espresso flavor
  • Size of the machine required for your space
  • Durability, reputation and reviews
  • Your budget

Broadly, four categories of espresso machines are available in the market ranging from manual to super-automatic. The more automation it is, the more features it has. Now, let us have a look on different types -

Manual Machine

Manual machines are especially for those who have a good Barista knowledge. These machines are most difficult to learn as it needs everything a manual control, but it gives the operator a complete control of the process. You will see a lever to control manually..

Semi-Automatic Machine:

These espresso machines are easier to use than the manual machines. These machines have an electric pump which pressurizes the water without any manual work by the operator. In semi-automatic machines, the operator has to decide the amount of water by turning on and off the pump. These are the most popular machines available in the market.3. Fully-Automatic machine: These are similar to the semi-automatic machines but include a regulator which automatically controls the amount of water to be added.

Super-Automatic Machine:

This is the costliest of all the machines because of its extreme automation. This machine is especially for that who doesn’t want to do any work and who needs a shot of espresso just by pressing a button. If you drink a lot of espresso throughout your day, then this is the best choice but may cross your budget.
It is also necessary for you to decide the number of boilers and the type of pump required if you want to consider more technically.

Some of the best espresso machines with good reviews and our good personal experience

1. Manual Machine: • Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker• La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine• La Pavoni SPH Stradivari Professional Lusso
2. Semi-Automatic Machine:• la Nuova Era Espresso and Cappuccino Machine• Nuova Simonelli Oscar Pour Over Espresso Coffee• Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
3. Super-Automatic Machine:•Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine• DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica
Finally, to decide which type of espresso machine to buy, it all comes down to how much you love coffee and how much time you can devote for making a coffee. For some, it is a hobby to learn making a delicious espresso, so for them manual and semi-automatic is a good choice. So decide according to your needs by following the above espresso machine buying guide.