How To Cook With Only A Chef Knife


Cooking may be a little tricky if you only have one good knife in your kitchen. But, it isn’t impossible. I’ve only had a Chef Knife in my kitchen for about a week now and I have managed to make do with it. So here are a few tricks to get by with only a Chef’s knife.

Trick 1

Dice and Slice Everything

If you’re a fan of meat and greens, you’ll be in for a treat. A chef knife is the perfect knife to take apart poultry or other chunks of meat before you fry, grill, stew or bake it. Once you’re done with the meat portion of the meal, wash and clean your knife and use it on your vegetables. My perfect salad consists of some low fat mayonnaise, strips of large onions, a cucumber or a zucchini, some diced tomatoes and a pinch of sun-glazed raisins. Take a closer look at the ingredients I listed, all of these ingredients are big enough to work on if you only have a chef knife.

Trick 2

Frozen Food

Though not everyone is a major fan of TV dinners, you’ve have to admit that they work no matter what knife you have in your kitchen. I am not your average couch potato so you have to understand that I always spruce up my TV dinners. I usually turn my leftovers into a side dish and since most of my leftovers usually are pieces of cooked meat, my Chef knife cuts through them effortlessly.

Trick 3

Only Large Ingredients

Stick to large chunks of meat and big pieces of fruit. The bigger the ingredient the easier it is to tear it apart with a chef knife.

These are my tips. Feel free to use them if you’re desperate enough. But, you’ll be much better off adding a utility knife to your collection. These two knives are all the sharp and pointy knives a home chef really needs.