How chef knives reviews helped me spot the best one


I am a Chef by profession. And as a chef, a knife is one of the kitchen appliances that you can hardly do without. A knife is so essential to an extent that it can have a great impact on the type and even the taste of food that you prepare. I have personally had many instances where I was forced to take my own knife from home so that I can be able to make the type of food I want.

Recently, like a month ago, I got a job in a new 5 star hotel that opened its new branch in our town, for the position of a head chef. So, as you all know, as a head chef you are supposed to ensure that everything in the kitchen is running smoothly, my subordinates are up to their task, the orders are prepared in time and in the right quality and so on. But since it was a new branch, I realized the knives were too few for such a big hotel. After talking to the manager, she gave me the task to look for the best chef knives to buy in the market to add on the few that we had.

With my many years in the hotel industry and especially as a chef, I have gained skills on how to easily spot the right kitchen appliances. Since I had enough time, I decided that I was going to research so that I can decide on the best chef knife to buy. What I did, and what usually do, I logged into the internet and went through chef knife reviews on PCN .

After going through the reviews online, I was finally able to select the chef knife that suited by needs. Apart from its elegance, I wanted a knife that would maintain it sharpness for a longer time. The best chef knives reviews online helped me to spot a carbon steel chef knife that had the features that I liked; and I was also able to pay online and have the knife delivered at our hotel.

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