Making My Coffee with An Espresso Machine

Choosing a perfect Espresso machine for making your distinct flavor coffee is somewhat a complicated decision. There are varieties of espresso machines available in the market and each having their own uses and you have to choose according to your taste and choice. So, before considering buying your coffee maker, it is better to go through this espresso machine buying guide. Picking up an espresso machine is a bit confusing unlike a typical coffee machine. The prices range from very low to very high depending on the features available and the taste of the coffee it produces. You have to keep in your mind both the price tag and how much tasty you want, while buying your favorite machine. But if you search properly, you can get a good espresso machine within your budget.

espresso machine

So to sum up, the few things to consider before buying any espresso machine are:

  • Ease of operation required and ease of cleaning•
  • Features required and the quality of espresso flavor
  • Size of the machine required for your space
  • Durability, reputation and reviews
  • Your budget

Broadly, four categories of espresso machines are available in the market ranging from manual to super-automatic. The more automation it is, the more features it has. Now, let us have a look on different types -

Manual Machine

Manual machines are especially for those who have a good Barista knowledge. These machines are most difficult to learn as it needs everything a manual control, but it gives the operator a complete control of the process. You will see a lever to control manually..

Semi-Automatic Machine:

These espresso machines are easier to use than the manual machines. These machines have an electric pump which pressurizes the water without any manual work by the operator. In semi-automatic machines, the operator has to decide the amount of water by turning on and off the pump. These are the most popular machines available in the market.3. Fully-Automatic machine: These are similar to the semi-automatic machines but include a regulator which automatically controls the amount of water to be added.

Super-Automatic Machine:

This is the costliest of all the machines because of its extreme automation. This machine is especially for that who doesn’t want to do any work and who needs a shot of espresso just by pressing a button. If you drink a lot of espresso throughout your day, then this is the best choice but may cross your budget.
It is also necessary for you to decide the number of boilers and the type of pump required if you want to consider more technically.

Some of the best espresso machines with good reviews and our good personal experience

1. Manual Machine: • Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker• La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine• La Pavoni SPH Stradivari Professional Lusso
2. Semi-Automatic Machine:• la Nuova Era Espresso and Cappuccino Machine• Nuova Simonelli Oscar Pour Over Espresso Coffee• Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
3. Super-Automatic Machine:•Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine• DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica
Finally, to decide which type of espresso machine to buy, it all comes down to how much you love coffee and how much time you can devote for making a coffee. For some, it is a hobby to learn making a delicious espresso, so for them manual and semi-automatic is a good choice. So decide according to your needs by following the above espresso machine buying guide.

How chef knives reviews helped me spot the best one


I am a Chef by profession. And as a chef, a knife is one of the kitchen appliances that you can hardly do without. A knife is so essential to an extent that it can have a great impact on the type and even the taste of food that you prepare. I have personally had many instances where I was forced to take my own knife from home so that I can be able to make the type of food I want.

Recently, like a month ago, I got a job in a new 5 star hotel that opened its new branch in our town, for the position of a head chef. So, as you all know, as a head chef you are supposed to ensure that everything in the kitchen is running smoothly, my subordinates are up to their task, the orders are prepared in time and in the right quality and so on. But since it was a new branch, I realized the knives were too few for such a big hotel. After talking to the manager, she gave me the task to look for the best chef knives to buy in the market to add on the few that we had.

With my many years in the hotel industry and especially as a chef, I have gained skills on how to easily spot the right kitchen appliances. Since I had enough time, I decided that I was going to research so that I can decide on the best chef knife to buy. What I did, and what usually do, I logged into the internet and went through chef knife reviews on PCN .

After going through the reviews online, I was finally able to select the chef knife that suited by needs. Apart from its elegance, I wanted a knife that would maintain it sharpness for a longer time. The best chef knives reviews online helped me to spot a carbon steel chef knife that had the features that I liked; and I was also able to pay online and have the knife delivered at our hotel.

Creative DIY Gift Ideas

diy_wood_vases (1)

1. DIY Colorblocked Wood Vases

Sarah Hearts

This is one of those easy gifts for friends that requires only a couple of supplies and knowledge of their favorite colors and flowers. That makes this one of the best last minute gifts to make in a rush. I like to make these for friends after they redecorate – it adds a personal touch to DIY home decor! Use ordinary glass vases and then apply one of the most awesome new DIY craft materials I have used lately,  Wood Adhesive Sheets  These inexpensive cool wood stick-on panels let you quickly and easily transform items into classy looking wooden decor. Paint yours in the colors of your choice to customize or even stain them for a different look. This project uses light birch wood, but you can use darker sheets if you prefer a different look.


2. Faux Agate DIY Coasters


These adorable DIY agate coaster make adorable small birthday gift ideas for her or the fashion forward him. I like to make these coasters as a gift for teens in college because they make the cutest DIY dorm decor. And cute DIY gifts don’t get much easier than this 4 step tutorial for faux agate coasters. I saw them first on Tumblr and had no idea how easy these were to make. Fun craft for teens to make or give, even younger children can make them with supervision and a little help.


3. DIY Marble Painted Votives

Lovely Indeed

Originally this was a Mothers Day craft Pinterest suggested, but after making a few for my own mother, I realized what cute inexpensive gifts they are. Make these DIY candle votives in an array of colors to match your friends and family’s home decor. Easy and quick Christmas gifts, each one unique. Plus, these are as much fun to make as they are to give. Ooooh and Ahhhh over the magical color combinations you can get with these cool marble paint swirl votive candles.

More creative ideas at


Efficient Super Automatic Espresso Makers

espressoIn order to make the best quality of espresso you need to have an efficient automatic espresso machine for the job. This provides delicious and tasty espresso for your guests to enjoy. Best espresso machine have been rated according to their performance ad how well they serve their purpose. Customer feedback in the best espresso machine reviews  has been positive and hence they have registered the best buy. These types of appliances are very important in making quality espresso. In that case, they should have special features that make this possible.

My recommendation on the best espresso machine to own

Delonghi espresso machine have been highly rated by the customers who have had to use them. Delonghi EC702 is a stainless espresso maker that makes the preparation of espresso easy for the user. It is equipped with two filters to help make smooth drinks. In addition to that, it is designed in such a way that it has a frother that enables it to mix steam and milk to create drinks rich in cream. It is able to brew espresso with the right heat temperature to bring out the best results. This is made possible by the two thermostats which allow steam and water to be separately controlled. It is durable with a stainless steel boiler and a 15 bar pressure pump for quality and long services.

Delonghi E155 is another best rated espresso machine that is able to prepare quality espresso. It is designed in such a way that it has a capacity to serve a few numbers at a time. In that case, it is suited for small families and individuals like a college student. In addition to that, it is inexpensive to buy and maintain, hence suitable for those with low budget. It produces good quality espresso while maintaining its quality. It is thus durable and will be able to serve you for a long period.

In choosing an espresso machine to purchase, you need to consider a number of important factors. It should be user friendly. This means that it should not be complicated to operate. In that case, it should have a digital control panel for easy use. The ability the machine has in producing the amount of espresso in terms of the capacity. This will depend on the intended purpose for the machine, that is commercial or for home use. The cost of the machine is also an important factor as some customers have low budgets to spend for the purchase of the machine.

The 4 Guidelines on How To Buy The Best Cookware For Your Kitchen

Whether you are a professional cook, a hands-on kitchen mother, a house wife, or a kitchen fanatic, buying the best cookware set will arguably be the best thing you have done in your cooking life. This is because the best cookware to buy is an icon in any modern kitchen. Not only does it do much of the kitchen business, it is also a wonderful piece of art that will display your class and elegance to the world.

cookware set

What Makes The Best Cookware?

The best cookware will never disappoint when it comes to durability. For a fact, it will always guarantee you a life-long service. It will also ensure many of your future generations enjoy the best meals the world has ever offered. A good cookware will never betray you, it will forever be your most trusted companion. If you are in the market and you know nothing on where to begin, below are guidelines on how to buy the best cookware;

Have a Flexible Budget

You may have set a sufficient budget for your cookware before going to the market. However, did you consider the fact that you can get all you want in a cookware for much less than your budget, hence saving you a few cents? Did you also consider that you can be forced to add a few bucks on top of your strict budget in order for you to get the perfect cookware you desire? Well, these questions depict the real kitchen life. Never go shopping with a strict budget, the only way to getting the best cookware for your modern kitchen is by having a highly flexible budget.

Keep Your Cooking Style In Mind

Do you do a lot of deglazing and searing, or do you do much boiling and stir frying? Your cooking style should be an important determinant in finding the best cookware to buy which suits your needs. For instance, if all you do is boil, a basic stainless steel cookware will work best for you. On the other hand, if you are a stir frying enthusiast, a cast iron cookware will be you ideal partner. You should note with a lot of concern that no cookware is best if it does not meet all your cooking needs. Your cooking style therefore is something you cannot afford to ignore.

Have a positive cooking personality

Well, there is a cliche that goes, “We are who we are because of our personality”. This is one statement that you should not turn a blind eye on whenever you want to buy the best cookware for your kitchen. Do you cook because it is a must for you to, or do you cook because you love to? Are you buying a cookware because others are doing so, or because of your passion in cooking? Everyone has cooking personality, and each cooking personality plays a notable part in buying the best cookware.

People with a positive cooking personality end up choosing a cookware that displays durability, ease of maintenance, aesthetic potential, reliability, and the best warranty terms. On the other hand, those with a negative cooking personality will not care about what they buy as long as they have done so. Therefore, having a positive cooking personality is the best way towards having the best cookware.

Buying the best cookware should no longer be difficult with the above guidelines. Practice them now, you might just be the next cooking star in your neighborhood.

The Juicy Way – Getting The Best Juicer

If you want to keep the natural goodness of nutrients intact in your eatables and also want them great in taste, then juice is the best form of food intake. Are you fed up finding nutritive carrot pieces and brussels sprouts in leftovers? You always wanted to give your little ones best nutritive advantage; now you can give them the nutrition they deserve in a tasty way – the juicy way. With growing number of populace becoming aware of juicing advantages, there has been a sharp increase in the number of juice lovers and juicing machines. Breville juicers are one of the best juicer brands available in market today. If you are looking for a handy juicer that would go on and on for years, consider reading the best juicer reviews.


The amazing juicers from Breville

Those searching for the best juicer reviews are likely to become spell bound on seeing the state of the art juicers from Breville. Some of the popular models are – the Juice & Blend (BJB840XL), the Juice Fountain Duo (BJE820XL), the Juice Fountain Crush (BJS600XL), the Juice Fountain Elite (800JEXL), the Citrus press 800CPXL etc. Breville is known for its craftsmanship and long lasting juicers. 800JEXL is an excellent example of a 1000 watt juicer having up to 13000 RPM exhibiting commercial performance with home kitchen convenience.

Best juicer report finders should know that Breville has always held its name high on reputation and exquisite designs. The pro juicer comes with a 1 liter jug with froth separator. The Italian designed micro-mesh with 40,000 pores allows you to collect 30% more juice from the squeezed items. Other alluring features include the titanium cutting disk and two speeds and an extra large three liter pulp collector. The large food pusher and the extra large chute ensure that your food items can be fed into the juicer without much chopping. It is large enough to hold up to three apples and processes carrots effortlessly.

What does this juicer offers you

The stylish stainless steel finish is an immense addition to your kitchen décor. It gives a “wow” factor to the place kept; still, its compact design allows it to be stowed it in a cabinet without any difficulty. It can be easily assembled for juicing and quickly dissembled for easy cleaning in dishwasher. Its guzzling abilities will bewilder your little ones when they watch their “yucky” veggies and fruits getting transformed into a “yummy” drink.

All the Breville juicers are manufactured for repeated daily use, and they are sturdy enough to withstand years of continued service. They are a great way to ensure that your family gets all the required vitamins and minerals in tasty sips. If you are having a real hard time persuading young ones to eat green leafy vegetables, Breville juicers provides you nicer and tastier options. Breville juicers are backed with great reviews, positive user feedback and have always stood up to customers’ expectations. For more information on Breville juicers, price and models, visit their website and find all the great things about the revered brand.

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9 ways you’re cooking your steak wrong


Few dishes compare to a hunk of juicy steak.

And even fewer home-cooked steaks compare to those of your local favorite steakhouse.

From fridge to plate, there are a lot of little secrets steakhouse chefs employ.

Thanks to executive chef Billy Oliva, we’re now hip to those secrets. Oliva oversees the kitchen at one of Wall Street’s favorite steakhouses, Delmonico’s, established in 1837.

Here he lists nine common mistakes that keep home-cooked steaks from reaching their full flavor potential.

Source from

1. Don’t cook a steak that’s fresh from the fridge.

Oliva says this is the No. 1 mistake people make when preparing steak. “In the restaurant, we always like the steaks to come up to room temperature because you get a more even cooking process … If it’s too cold, the outside will char and the inside will be a little bit rarer than it should be.”

2. Don’t put a piece of steak in a pan or on a grill that isn’t screaming hot.

If you don’t let the pan heat up, you’ll lose out on caramelization and you’ll end up steaming your steak. The juice and blood will escape, and you’ll be left with what Oliva describes as “that gray piece of meat.”

3. Don’t be afraid to douse the steak with seasoning.

According to Oliva, people either don’t season the steak enough or they season only one side. “We season both sides,” he said. “We use a combination of kosher salt and sea salt, and we use a fresh-ground-pepper mix that has about seven different types of peppercorns in it.”

4. Don’t leave a steak on an open flame for too long.

When grilling a steak, sear it fast and move it to the side — unless you want a charred piece of meat. “What we like to do is sear it to give it color, and then move it to [a slightly] cooler part of the grill when we’re grilling … You want to cook around the open flame.”

5. Don’t poke the steak with a fork to see whether it’s done.

You’re testing steak, not cupcakes. “Once you poke a hole in it, all the blood and all the flavor and juices in the steak are going to leach out.”

6. Don’t flip the steak more than once.

Put it in a hot pan, leave it alone until it starts to caramelize, and flip it only once. “You don’t need to keep flipping it every two minutes because then you’re removing the steak from the hot surface. You’re kind of defeating the purpose of searing the outside and locking in all the juices.”


Getting one of the best Christmas gifts

There are nothing satisfying than getting one of the best Christmas gifts you always dream of getting at the end of the year. My mother has always surprised us with the best Christmas gifts that made us feel special and feel loved and appreciated. This ignited the feeling of wanting to share the Christmas gift ideas 2016 that will help you also make your family, friend, or partner feel good and enjoy the Christmas festivity like never before.


Unusual Christmas gifts for Men

It may be difficult to find men the best gifts for Christmas, but there are various recommended ideas for the 2016 Christmas. They include men’s charging valet, telephone box wine rack, manicure set for men, a case of award-winning British beer, portable turntable, smartphone projector, advanced Panasonic new cordless clipper, smart watch, perfect tie and tie bars, beard kit, fits everything duffel, or all-star shaving system.

Personalized Gifts that children love

Boys and girls all have different preferences for Christmas. You can make Christmas memorable for your daughter, sister, or niece by buying them color coordinated chef set, activity that has all favorite interactive games, Chewbacca plush, colorful bean bag chair, The boys, on the other hand, love colorful play six and building tools, patterned ukulele as a practicing instrument, floor puzzle, tool box, story books with amazing photo gallery. Children can love any of these gifts regardless if it’s meant for boys or girls.

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Glorious gifts for women

You can surprise your sister, mom, daughter or girlfriend with Christmas gifts such as denim-clothed watch, 5 piece brush set that brighten her complexion, luxe lipsticks, peachy keen handbag saving enthusiastic plastic wine, morning mugs with inspirational quotes, flashing lights candle holder, body wash ornaments, cute colorful clutch, hydrating essentials kit.

As much there are many Christmas gifts that are available, it is crucial to understand what each member of family love and the best gift that can make them feel special on Christmas. More Christmas gifts ideas are found in online marketing sites such as Amazon and you be assured that you will not disappoint anyone with your Christmas gift.

Anniversary Gifts Great Ideas For Your Special One


Anniversary gifts when chosen with care go a long way to show your better half or the special couple how much they mean to you. But with the mind boggling array of anniversary gift items that are available today, very often you tend can confused. But not anymore! In this write up, you would find some time tested ideas for anniversary gifts that would be treasured forever.

Anniversary Gifts for Women: 
Most of the times, men are found to be all at sea while choosing anniversary gifts for their beloved. Well, it is not as hard as it seems. Just think of your wife and her personal preferences when it comes to products of even daily use. Yes, you can try perfumes, clothes, makeup kits, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry, handbags and more.

Flowers are in vogue all the time. Choose her favorite bunch and see her smile all the way to your arms.

Anniversary Gifts for Men: 
Contrary to popular belief that men shy away from receiving gifts, they crave for them, especially when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts. Anniversary gift ideas for men may range from simple items like wrist watches, briefcases, suitcases, books, pens or aftershaves, electronic gizmos to health equipments.

Anniversary Gifts for Couples: 
If you are contemplating to gift a couple then you may try some novel ideas like something that corresponds to an activity the couple enjoys doing together. Buying wedding anniversary gifts that compliment people’s hobbies and favorite things to do always lets people know you have really thought about them when shopping. And you can always try gift vouchers to give them the gift of choice.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts: 
Personalized anniversary gifts are the most treasured for any couple celebrating their annual wedding anniversary. Among the great personalized anniversary gifts for your loved one may be a framed picture of your memorable moment together, or rather a scrap book of your special moments. Nowadays, photo images on personal items like pillows, key chains, table mats, mouse pads, cups, calendars etc. are also great wedding anniversary gifts.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts: 
Although it is purely optional today, traditionally there were designated anniversary gifts corresponding to match each anniversary year. This is a great way to start your brainstorming for anniversary gifts.

In-fact the list of ideas for wedding anniversary gifts is endless… all you need is to be innovative.

And yes, nowadays smart people always opt for online shops for anniversary gifts. Most of these shops have great gifts on display and come with umpteen numbers of choices in pricing, make, and delivery options.

So, for your coming anniversary try picking anniversary gifts from an online shop and experience the difference.

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The best cookware to buy on a budget

I will not lie, I love food. The ideal world for me is where I can eat every waking day. I am a woman so I obviously cannot eat as much as I like because I will lose this figure I work hard to maintain. I love cooking too. Over the years, I have learnt that if you have good cookware, you have better chances of having an incredible meal. If you are on a budget like me, these cookware sets are the best cookware to buy; they will prove incredible for your recipes.
cookware on a budget

T- fal E918SC

This cookware set has an amazing function that lets you know when it is pre- heated enough for cooking. This thermo- spot heat indicator makes my meals tasty without being too over cooked or under cooked. The interiors are highly durable and do not scratch (for more scratch resistant cookware, look at hard anodized cookware) so they practically remain newer for longer. I love this T-fal set because, well I really love cooking and eating, the cleaning not so much. This set fits well in my dishwasher and saves me a lot of time. They have an anti- warp base that promotes even heat distribution. The only disadvantage you have to leave with is the lack of stay- cool handles.

Cuicinart MCP- 12N multiclad pro stainless steel

This set includes a steel steamer a multi- use sauté pan and two skillets. I love it because of its stainless steel interiors and exteriors, which help, keep it extremely durable. The heat surround technology allows even heat distribution. This set has stay- cool handles, which make it easier for you to stir food and lift the pans even while they are still hot. The stainless steel interiors are great as they do not add the weird taste to food like many other materials do. You therefore get sweet tasting foods and good-looking cookware for your kitchen for a wallet friendly price.

Why Buy an Air Bed?

A couch is very comfortable for seating, but when you are watching a movie and you sleep off, the couch is not an advisable place for sleeping. I usually have overnight guest and they used to sleep on the couch and I always had to imagine the troubles they had to go through just adjust themselves. The couch might work for kids, but adults, I don’t think so. I have come to realize that air beds can be used as an alternative to the beds found in bedrooms. These air beds have an advantage over their conventional counterparts.
The best inflatable air bed can be fine-tuned to the level of comfort that the guest prefers. This is easily achieved by blowing up the air mattress to the level of comfort one prefers. When I want it to soften, I just let some air out and if I want it firm, I firmly pump the bed to near capacity. These beds are also advisable in that they prevent allergies and dust mites as compared to the conventional beds which trap dust and small particles. When I go out for camping with family and friends, the air bed is easily brought out to the ground.

Air beds are very convenient to give an overnight guest a comfortable place to sleep on. It’s easily stored and inflated and it does not take much room. The best thing about air beds is the fact that they are able to displace body weights from extreme pressure points. The firmness is adjusted to suit the comfort of the guest and they can also be used in hospitals where people who spend long hours in bed can use them. They distribute the weight evenly and are known to reduce pressure in some parts of our bodies. (More: What are the benefits of air mattress)

My guests do not have to wake up with stiff necks, air beds help them sleep well throughout the night.

Finally Homemade Bread

Like most people, I had always bought prepackaged bread from a store. It lasts for days to a week, every slice looking exactly the same and you know what it’s going to taste like. Well, it’s no surprise, since most of the mass-market bread you buy tends to taste pretty bland. It’s as if the machines that made that bread also sucked every bit of flavor out of the loaves.

Then a few years ago, a friend of mine bought me a bread machine for my birthday. I had the first impression that it was a terrible gift, not much better than buying me a bag of socks or a couple of hammers. But I wanted to be polite and decided I would at least give it a try. I stumbled through the directions and managed to make my first loaf of homemade bread without setting anything on fire.

bread maker

Imagine the movie scene where angels are heard singing and a light shines down from above. That’s the way I felt the first time I took a bite of the bread I made myself. Sure, the bread didn’t look perfect. It was a cube like what a child would make. But it was soft and warm and it had a taste unlike anything I’d ever had before. It was way better than bread from the stores, which was also pretty amazing.

I had the luxury of eating homemade bread for three years with that same bread machine. Until it broke down last week. It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to get another good bread machine. I spent hours looking at the reviews on best bread machines, I wanted only the best bread maker that will last me years again. I read books about breadmaking, searched for bread recipes online, took a couple of classes to improve my skills and even sent away for some special ingredients. I was hooked.

So what should you look for in good bread machines? You want one that’s programmable, including one that has a timer so you can wake up in the morning to the smell of warm, freshly made bread. You’ll need a machine that makes different sizes of bread and one that is strong enough to handle thicker concoctions, such as banana bread dough. If you or you’re loved ones are gluten-free, you’ll want a dedicated breach machine that can handle that challenging bread mix. A viewing window at the top is a great help and you’ll appreciate one that has an easy-to-remove baking pan. Like just about any other consumer good, you generally get what you pay for. But no matter what you pay for your good bread machines, you’ll never regret taking the time to bake the best loaf of bread you’ve ever had.

Helpful site:

How To Cook With Only A Chef Knife


Cooking may be a little tricky if you only have one good knife in your kitchen. But, it isn’t impossible. I’ve only had a Chef Knife in my kitchen for about a week now and I have managed to make do with it. So here are a few tricks to get by with only a Chef’s knife.

Trick 1

Dice and Slice Everything

If you’re a fan of meat and greens, you’ll be in for a treat. A chef knife is the perfect knife to take apart poultry or other chunks of meat before you fry, grill, stew or bake it. Once you’re done with the meat portion of the meal, wash and clean your knife and use it on your vegetables. My perfect salad consists of some low fat mayonnaise, strips of large onions, a cucumber or a zucchini, some diced tomatoes and a pinch of sun-glazed raisins. Take a closer look at the ingredients I listed, all of these ingredients are big enough to work on if you only have a chef knife.

Trick 2

Frozen Food

Though not everyone is a major fan of TV dinners, you’ve have to admit that they work no matter what knife you have in your kitchen. I am not your average couch potato so you have to understand that I always spruce up my TV dinners. I usually turn my leftovers into a side dish and since most of my leftovers usually are pieces of cooked meat, my Chef knife cuts through them effortlessly.

Trick 3

Only Large Ingredients

Stick to large chunks of meat and big pieces of fruit. The bigger the ingredient the easier it is to tear it apart with a chef knife.

These are my tips. Feel free to use them if you’re desperate enough. But, you’ll be much better off adding a utility knife to your collection. These two knives are all the sharp and pointy knives a home chef really needs.

Why I Will Always Have A Juicer In My kitchen

A few months back, one of my kids felt sick; he was weak and he couldn’t eat anything. At first, my wife and I thought it was one of those common flu infections that normally affect young children; however, the problem really got worse as days went by. We tried a couple of over the counter drugs, but they did not work. However, it was after a friend visited that we decided to see a doctor as soon as possible. We couldn’t even wait for him to leave, we asked him to drop us at a nearest clinic.

Great Start with Fresh Juice


When we arrived, just as usual, the doctor ordered that the kid be examined before he could recommend anything. The doctor received the test results and what followed left us happy. The doctor said it was nothing serious; he gave us a number of medications, but before we left, he ordered that we give our son plenty of fresh juice every single day. To us, that was going to be quite easy for the health of our son is all that mattered. On our way home, we decided to buy a juicer. Interestingly, despite the fact that we knew the benefits of having a juicer, we had never thought of buying one. There were quite a number of top juicer machines to pick from, but with the assistance of the salesperson, we finally managed to find the best.

It is now over 1 month since that fateful day and thanks to fresh juice of vegetables and fruits coupled with medication, our son is doing great. That has not even been the best part, as a family, we have also been able to reap all the benefits of the juicing. On a given day, my wife makes sure she makes enough juice for all of us. At the end, I cannot really start to tell about all the things we have been able to get from our juicer.

The Best Paring Knife For Your Kitchen

Paring knives are one of the most valuable tools at home when it comes with slicing, pitting, halving, peeling, and other easy tasks that are simple to do, but without the best paring knife, these tasks might eat up a lot of your time.

It is said that a good paring knife should be sharp and well-balanced. You should feel comfortable while holding it in your hand and not too short or too long. The ideal length of the knife should be around 3.5 inches, and it must be stainless steel and easy to wash. A great paring knife allows you to do all types of cutting and slicing easily and quickly.
paring knife
A good recommendation is the Wusthof Classic Paring Knife. It is a small pointed blade that is perfect for peeling and other cutting jobs. Made of high-carbon stainless steel and the handle is triple riveted for better strength and performance. Weighted at only 0.1 pounds, which makes it light and easy to use. (Read how to use the paring knife here.) Apart from that, you can wash this knife with a dishwasher, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. It has an exceptional design that looks elegant and can match with most of your cookware’s color.

Another good knife to use is the Victorinox Swiss Army paring knife. It is also made from high-carbon steel and is stain resistant. It is ergonomically designed, and the handle is made with synthetic polypropylene. The handle portion is longer than the knife portion, which allows you to grab it easily for cutting or slicing. However, this knife is not recommended to wash with a dishwasher. And it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Getting yourself the most suitable and best paring knife is always a worthy addition to your kitchen. And because you are going to use the paring knife a lot for most of the cutting work in the kitchen, so you may want to choose one that has high-quality, comfortable to use and durable than choosing one that is cheap and not good in quality.